Flagsip Project 1

Lamps for Rent Project

The first project of ruralenergy.org is the Lamps4Rent Project in Pangan-an Island, Cebu. This project provides rechargeable LED lamps to the community in an off-grid rural island in the Philippines. Currently, the community uses electricity from a solar power plant which has decreasing efficiency. The electricity supply is no longer enough to provide light at night, hence a secondary storage of power, such as rechargeable lamps, can provide the needed power come nightfall.  
The project is done in cooperation with ABE Project Group, a research group based in Tokyo Institute of Technology, International Engineering Department (IDE), the Pangan-an Island Cooperative for Community Development (PICCD) and ruralenergy.org. The project started May 2011 and is now under full operation stage.


L4R is currently in full operation stage. Since September 2011, monthly data has been gathered to have a good feedback and learning mechanism for the project. The people have enjoyed good light for a fraction of the price which they used to pay for the kerosene lamps. The system has about 80% rental ratio per month. The recent challenges of the project came when the charger broke down for at least 3 weeks. The repair was difficult to handle since the unit had to be brought to the main island to be checked by an expert. Better protocols and mangagement strategies would be our next priority.
 Another important and very recent finding for this project is that a similar lamp rental business was started by a local in the same island. The local used cheaper lamps and rented it out for a slightly higher price. The local has now a reported 20 to 30 sets of lamps for rent. While this may seem like a competiton for L4R, ruralenergy.org considers this to be a success. The aim is to inspire local initiatives of self sustaining businesses and activities. Thus, the fact that that L4R project was replicated by a local marks that we have successfully introduced a viable and replicable business model for the benefit of society.

Flagship Prject 2

Solar-Sea Project

Our second and recently proposed project is the Solar-Sea Project. An  improvement of the Lamps for Rent Project, this project provides underwater solar lamps for rent to rural fishing households. The link between energy  provision and livelihood is thought to be the key to making this project  affordable and sustainable for the people. The first project is projected  to be stationed in Alumar, Bohol, Philippines. The Solar Sear Project recently  won the ICSE-NEC Business Plan Competition 2011.


Currently, funding and the technology partners are being identified.
The project may start in 2012.