Our Energy Roadmap

Rural Electrification Today

Energy in the form of light, heat, or electricity serves as the vital instrument which brings forth development in communities.
Rural areas often have the least access to energy due to their hampered access to funds and development initiatives which bring these energy services for them.
These rural areas need energy for their daily needs, proper health, and decent way of living.
We, in ruralenergy.org, believe that the rural areas have an equal chance to gain access to affordable, sustainable and renewable energy. It is all a matter of good planning, cooperation and dedication to provide that service. Ruralenergy.org will work towards giving each rural community a choice to live sustainably.

Where we begin

We begin with the communities. Our first project, the Lamps4Rent Project in Pangan-an Island, Cebu, Philippines, came about due to a certain need for proper energy provision for the community. Hence, from the basic needs of the community, ruralenergy.org moves towards finding the proper solutions and engaging in the proper partnerships to realize what can work for the community. In our beginning stages, we will work with willing communities, capable partners and proven technologies.
A strong base of proper needs assessment and systems research will be our key to provide the proper solutions.

From here on

As our expertise, experience, and network strengthen through the projects we partake, ruralenergy.org will them move towards the development of Renewable Energy technologies and systems catered for rural electrification. These technologies will range from Solar, Hydro, Wind, Biomass, and Ocean related systems for energy harvesting. We envision our technologies and systems to cater properly to the communities and create self sustaining projects and business opportunities with each project we partake in. We start with the people and we will continue through the people whom we work with and serve.