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Blog 8: closing remarks to the internship

posted Sep 6, 2011, 12:26 AM by William Hong   [ updated Apr 8, 2012, 2:44 PM by Thomas Geissmann ]
(2011 - September 1)
Blogger: William
Let me reiterate that already three months has passed. My internship, a wonderful learning experience. My last day at doe was pretty simple yet memorable. I had to finish up the report for pangan-an. It was my last horrah for that project. Sir jun and I finally completed the decision options report for the island which for years has been elusive for DOE to accomplish. We finally decided on the best recommendation we could have for the project. That is, we recommend the transfer of ownership to the electric cooperative which holds the franchise for the area to begin with. This gives DOE some breathing space while the ER1-94 funds can get to work. It will perhaps be a new era of renewable energy projects.
Slowly, the pilot projects are beginning to reach the hands of privately run organizatons. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of technology push efforts for renewables in the Philippines. The renewable energy act has solidly been backed by the ER1-94 and other government programs, such as the household electrification program, to enable the quick diffusion of RESs in the rural areas. I feel I just hit the jackpot of things to know about. Recently, I learned and got convinced that the big companies in the Philippines are indeed moving to energy. Although it has been here for ages, interestingly, we could say that energy is the future. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a few people from DOE that have supported my stay there. Firstly to Engr. Magdaleno M. Baclay Jr., otherwise known as sir jun, who has been my man-to-man guide throughout my internship. The times learning together have been memorable. Next is Mam Lou Arciaga who has been like a mother to me. Also to Director Tony Labios who has been the source of approvals from the beginning. Then to the other staff of DOE, sir Ed Amante, sir Agi Briones, mam Sally, kuya Jerry, kuya william, sir Roland, and all other staff that have been so helpful and welcoming. I look forward to meeting you all in the near future. Also to the staff of PICCD and Alumar, Roldan, who have all contributed to a safe and memorable journey to the projects. Cheers to the pancit (noodles), bread and coke meriendas (snacks) at DOE-VFO headquarters.
I'm back in Japan now. The plane just landed for the nth time for me an now I'm headed back to the barracks. Its been quite a while ever since my last train ride. The outside scenes are slowly reminding me of what life was before the internship. Anyhow, the journey continues for research and learning. Il have tomorrow to prepare for the Euro trip on Friday. I must say, to study about energy, you need a lot of it. Success beholds those who spend it on the right things too. Patience and focus. Let me end by sharing the wisdom of sir Agi Briones. What is greater than God and worse than the devil? You cannot live with it and if you eat it, you  will die.. (share it?) the answer is, nothing. Nothing is greater than God and worse than the devil. You cannot live with nothing, and if you eat nothing, you will die. Certainly one of the few jokes cracked by sir Agi to keep the energy in the office alive. According to Mr.Hal Harimoto (a venture capitalist expert), if you can tell a joke about a certain field, it means you are an expert at it. I sure do hope Sir Agi comes up with more riddles about something other than nothing. Well, how about a joke about energy? Do you have one? All I know is, more energy mas happy! (the more energy you have, the happier you are.) With that, lets bring happiness to the world by energizing the rurals!
Until then,