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Blog 7: Final Corner

posted Aug 24, 2011, 12:26 AM by William Hong   [ updated Apr 8, 2012, 2:25 PM by Thomas Geissmann ]
(2011 - August 24)

Blogger: William
Journey: DOE-VFO Headquarters and Barangay Alumar

Well who knew the 3 months internship (2.5 actually) would just pass by so fast. I am now in the final week of this visit to the DOE-VFO as a researcher/intern. It has been exciting in many aspects though the fun and challenges are not far from over. We still have the final report to finish up for our Pangan-an Island Evaluation Project which I will be presenting the the staff here at DOE this coming Friday. Along with that, I have a few other reports to finish up; The upcoming EUPV paper st
ands first in line. 

Today though I finally got my Europe/Schengen Visa. Thank God for that. I am looking forward to the EUPV Conference in Hamburg this coming September 9 to 12 where we will present our research output during this 3-month stint here in DOE. It will be my first time in Europe and I guess RuralEnergy.
org will soon get some pictures of the beautiful places there soon.

Back to our works though.

Last week we successfully deployed and collected the surveys in Barangay Alumar, Bohol. This survey was done to investigate on the SHS users` Capacity and Willingness to Sustain. I recon that being able to define and measure these two variables (CTS and WTS) would give us a better idea of how individuals in communities differ in certain characteristics which enable them to perform better or worse in sustaining the RE projects deployed in their areas. With the gracious help of our local contact there, Mr.Roldan Salabao, the survey was completed in a week`s time. Now I just have to sort through each of them and interpret the data we gathered. We will hear more about that in the coming months.
As for our Lamps project, basing on the latest feedback from our local staff there, the lamps are renting like hotcakes. It seems the users are seeing the advantages of our rechargeable lamps being cost-effective to bring light in their homes. I had distributed a user`s satisfaction survey recently and by next week we can retrieve them next week along with the rental data that has been logged for the last 20 days. I do look forward to the results. Ill share them here in the blog soon.

These are the updates for now here. Stay tuned for more action soon.
Next stop would be Europe.



These were some of the pictures taken in the recent trip to Alumar. There is something about this place that just mesmerizes me. The calm and soothing sea and air makes me feel as if the busy world did not matter at all and that man was meant to dwell with nature at its simplest.




Check out this outrigger boat pic. I was sitting at the tip of the boat which was running in full speed. I took my camera out and hanged it down to take the shot. Zoom!



This right here is what we call "guso". Internationally know as seaweeds, these grow about 4 to 8 times their size in 45 days. I learned that these only grow well during the monsoon and rainy days. Hence, from July to February of the following year, these plants can be grown, harvested, and sold for a good price. Im looking forward to farming guso in the near future.