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Blog 4: Week of research and preparations

posted Jul 10, 2011, 6:35 PM by William Hong   [ updated Apr 8, 2012, 2:40 PM by Thomas Geissmann ]
(2011 - July 11)

Blogger: William
Journey: Office research and project preparations

This week was pretty much a week of research and preparations; not that we haven`t been doing that for the past 3 years. None the less, its good progress for the project and the reports.


This week we tested the charging times and lamp performance even more. Finally, I am convinced that the charger could take all the 20 lamps, charging it for 5 hours or so. With 20 lamps however, the voltage still drops to about 10.5V to 11V, making the charging time longer for some of the lamps. At least for the technical part the charger and the lamps seem ready for action. Tomorrow until Wednesday, Sir Jun and I will be going to Pangan-an Island for initial testing. Excited. We will be bringing 5 lamps to the island to set-up the charging station and try out the system. We will be staying overnight to try out the lamps at night, measuring its illuminance using our high tech luxmeter brough to us be ABE research. I hope with this field testing of the lamps in the island we can be more confident in bringing all the 20 lamps and starting the full scale of the project in about 1 or 2 weeks time. For a glimps of some graphics, I have here the sticker designs (draft) for the lamps. I thought to make sure that the lamps would have the proper labels. Ill be getting these final output of the stickers from the printing shop later today.

                                                                             Lamp Label with Lamp Number.                  

                                                    Lamp Usage Instructions (in Visayan - local language in Cebu)

This one basically explains how to use the lamps, On / Off by pressing it a couple of times and what the warnings are for the lamps. No impact, No water, No heat, No opening, and No charging in 220Vs. Lets hope these stickers promote good lamp usage.

As for the Internship, I`ve been working on the Pangan-an Island report some more. This week was encouraging as I summarized what I accomplished so far and presented it to sir Jun. It looks positive. We need some more data from the island though, hence we will be getting these data during our visit tomorrow. Im excited to use the luxmeter and learn how to calibrate PV panels. We will also be installing a new kWh meter for the plant so we could measure the plant power output. Hopefully, we could make use of the data we will collect and make the report more current and reliable. As for the decision making process for the project`s future, last week I came up with an idea to process it as a business decision. For that, the analytical tools I will be using would be a business strategy approach. As Ive been observing, RES projects are really in essence business investments and would involve considerations which are similar to any business venture. We consider the external and internal aspects of the project to decide on the best strategy for the plant. I hope the fit between business strategy approach and project development would be well such that we would be coming up with a novel approach in project decision making approach. We`ll know more about that as the report would take more shape in the coming week.

Time flies though. I`ve been here for a month now; reminded by my 1 month cellphone load which expired yesterday. I`ve been happy being given this opportunity to study about rural electrification right where it is, in the rurals. I hope too that my learnings here would blossom into some journals and dissertation output. For now, we shall keep pressing the accelerator button. We need to keep things on the go.

Cheers to a simply good week. Until then.