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APVIA Singapore La!

posted Nov 5, 2012, 10:46 PM by William Hong
(2012 - October 24)

Blogger: William
Journey: Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Today we finished presenting in a conference hosted by the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA): It was held in the Marina Bay Sands and Expo - Singapore; an amazing structure as modern as solar PV can be described. This particular session may hold more fruits from the sands than we can expect.

During the conference I got to meet some key individuals that did valiant efforts for the rural electrification scenario. Mr. Islam Sharif of IDCOL Bangladesh and Peter Adelmann of Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) were quite inspiring leaders in this field of specialization. I look forward to connecting with them in pursuit of innovative programs and business models that can spread SHS to rural communities in the Philippines and the world. My doubts of ever commercializing an RE business vanished as I saw several success stories. The road to success, however, needs to be pursued with more vigour!

This particular conference holds a special place in my heart. It was the first time my dad ever attended a conference with me. Our adventures around town all the way up to the conference were just priceless. This session gave me great confidence to pursue growing and developing into an organization that can truly transform and improve lives of people. More power la!

William Hong

Here is the abstract of our presentation.

Title: A holistic multi-tiered approach to off-grid energy provision using solar PV

Authors: Hong, G.W and Abe, N. - International Development Engineering Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Renewable energy systems (RES), especially solar PV, are being diffused to rural communities to improve energy access. The sustainability of these systems is, however, becoming increasingly relevant. Two issues are important to consider in providing these RES for rural communities: (1) appropriateness of the technology and (2) the diverse capacity (and needs) of users within the community to sustain the systems. In this paper, these issues were addressed using a holistic multi-tiered approach in energy provision using solar PV. The recommendations were based on actual solar PV cases from the Philippines.

For rural communities with diverse mix of users, a holistic multi-tiered approach in energy provision is recommended. A multi-tiered approach pertains to the use of different types of systems that cater appropriately to the different types of users with varying levels of available resources, capacities, and willingness to sustain a system. Two case investigations were conducted in rural islands in the Philippines. In the cases investigated, a community can be divided into three meaningful tiers: (a) upper tier, to have a more capital intensive sub-centralized PV system; (b) middle tier, to have a more affordable system such as an SHS; and (c) lower tier, to have the least costly option of rechargeable solar LED lamps.

Considering different tiers (levels) of users lessens the variability of the necessary conditions required to sustain the systems provided. A holistic multi-tiered approach may, thus, facilitate both the appropriateness and the sustainability of the systems adopted for the community.